Building for Us.

A national campaign built from the grassroots to hold elected officials and community leaders accountable for ending gun violence in communities of color.


Building. For Us.

Every year, 40,000 people in America die by gun violence. Black and brown people are disproportionately impacted by gun violence, and everyday violence. We know that gun violence is a derivative of systems that have not been supported or led by communities of color. Lack of opportunities and easy access to guns have led to more violence. The media has normalized violent language around gun violence when it comes to black and brown communities.

There are solutions that can help to dramatically reduce gun violence in our communities, but they are underfunded, and not talked about. We have vast gaps in research and data on violence against people of color, which means we don’t even know the real numbers in cases of homicides, interpersonal violence and suicides with guns. Communities of color in particular have been left behind in the strategic conversations and leadership roles around solving these issues. We need to normalize how and when to have conversations with our peers about preventing gun violence.

We need to build power together, and we need to start now.


 5 Simple Goals by 2024.



Pass community-led funding policies to support reductions of gun related homicides, interpersonal violence, and suicides in communities of color.



Empower  leaders within communities of color and allies to support those closest to the pain of gun violence everyday.



Close gaps in research, message, and data for solutions.



Train new and existing advocates to hold stakeholders accountable in supporting communities of color in the gun violence prevention movement.



Grow a bloc of civically engaged Black and Brown voters that are that are interested in  gun violence prevention.


Here’s How We’ll Do It.

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Building Policy

Our comprehensive, holistic, and grassroots-driven policy framework is driven by communities directly impacted by everyday violence, and applies to every level of government.


Building Trainings

Our trainings shift the narrative of gun violence prevention to center voices of color and create a space for collaboration, community, and learning.

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Building Leaders

We foster a unique intergenerational leadership development for millennial thought leaders and formerly incarcerated organizers working at the intersection of gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.


It’s time to center us in the fight for gun violence prevention. Join us in building for us.