Eryn Wise

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Eryn Wise, Jicarilla Apache and Laguna Pueblo, is a two-spirit word weaver, lens changer, and most importantly - a fierce and devoted defender. As a samakuu (daughter) to many, she has found herself committed to amplifying issues across Turtle Island. 

She is the current Communications Director at Seeding Sovereignty and For The Wild , and is the Youth Director for the International Indigenous Youth Council

Eryn is most passionate about young people and plants, and tries to spend her free time surrounded by both. Ensuring a future, and a living, sustainable, and safe environment for generations to come is a duty and responsibility to her, and she focuses the traditional teachings of her foremothers on the intersectional challenges faced by the collectives she works with. She aims to do all her work in homage to her ancestors whose resistance ensured her existence. She is a human being, just like you.

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